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Nowadays, everything has to pursue intelligence, and best deals adult TPE sex dolls are no exception, almost all young attractive sex doll manufacturers have some intelligent features to offer. So how do we choose when buying a smart lovely sex doll and how do we avoid being chaptered?

Actually, it’s the same as before! When we buy a smart cute blonde TPE sex doll, let’s not worry about whether it is smart or not. But, What is the most important thing about sex dolls? Nothing more than beautiful, realistic and good, right?

So before we buy a most popular small boobs tan skin sex doll, we still need to do some homework first, such as materials, size, style, price range, etc. In these are determined before we compare to see where her intelligent features, such as heating, sound, dialogue, etc. has an article detailing the purchase of TPE sex dolls, do not believe in the so-called intelligent, because the current technology can not do what we imagine intelligent, in fact, these features are not too “smart”.

So smart sex dolls work?

Although now can not do real intelligence, but manufacturers for sex dolls plus some intelligent features is also good, in the premise of ensuring the quality of the basic experience, these intelligent features can also bring us some different fun.

For example, the intelligent heating function, with such a function, in the winter with your muscular black skin TPE sex dolls live love snap experience will be better, she will no longer be cold.

For example, the moaning function, with this function, when you play with your huge butt medium boobs natural skin TPE sex doll, she can make some seductive screaming sounds, which can further stimulate your sexual interest and desire, so you play more fun.

There are also dialogue functions, these functions are more funny, and the doll’s dialogue is often preverbal, but it is always better to have it, or at least be able to make us laugh.

But! These features can only be used as an embellishment, not as a selling point, for these features, a little more expensive, such as tens of hundreds, that can be accepted! Even dolls, the vast majority of intelligent function was for free. If the business because of the addition of these features, the price of petite TPE sex dolls increased significantly, then we have absolutely no need to pay for it.

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